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  Geometry - Lines        

Parallel Lines and Angles

  Geometry -Triangles        
  Triangles and Angles
  Length & Area        
  Quadrilaterals, Triangles and Circles
  Right Angled Triangles, Area, The Sine Rule and the Unit Circle on this page
  Circle Theorems        
  Angles on arcs - Theorems and questions here
  Functions and Co-ordinate Geometry
  Points, formulae, lines, graphs, functions and equations on this page
  Pythagoras's Theorem
  Some visual proofs of Pythagoras's theorem and some numerical examples here
  Axial and central symmetry, translations and rotations here

This page allows you to open a blank copy of GeoGebra to experiment with.

There are also links for you to download this programme and to help files.

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